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What are some commonly used attachments for a digger or excavator?

Mini excavators are workhorses of the construction industry, prized for their compact size and impressive capabilities. But what truly enhances their utility are the various attachments available, allowing these machines to tackle a wide range of tasks. Whether you're digging trenches, clearing debris, or handling delicate materials, there's a mini excavator attachment designed to optimize efficiency and versatility. In this article, we'll explore the different types of attachments and their uses for our digger here at Digger Works Manawatu.


  • Standard Bucket: This is the standard attachment for digging tasks. It's perfect for excavating soil and other loose materials. They generally have teeth on the end of the bucket to make digging easier especially the hard clay soil around Manawatu and Palmerston North

  • Wide Bucket: Designed with a wider profile and flat bottom, wide buckets are ideal for grading and leveling and for moving large amount of materials.

  • Trenching Bucket: Trenching buckets are excellent for digging trenching, usually 250mm-350mm wide


  • Auger Attachment: Augers are used for drilling holes into the ground. They generally range from 250mm-900mm in diameter. At Digger Works Manawatu we are drilling holes for a range of jobs including retaining walls, fences and foundations.

Hydraulic Hammers:

  • Hydraulic Hammer Attachment: When you need to break up concrete or rock, hydraulic hammers are the way to go. They deliver high-impact blows to demolish tough materials efficiently.


  • Grapple Attachment: Grapples or sometimes called 'thumbs' come in various forms, including log grapples, demolition grapples, and scrap grapples. They excel at picking up and manipulating materials such as logs, debris, and scrap metal.


  • Ripper Attachment: This attachment is used for breaking up compacted soil and ripping up trees roots and stump removal. We commonly use our digger for stump removal around the Manawatu especially when site clearing

Each of these attachments extends the functionality of our digger. From earthmoving to demolition, landscaping to aggregate handling, there's an attachment for almost every task.

Along with our expert excavator operators we have the knowledge and experience to meet your digger and landscaping needs in the Manawatu.

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